The Oaks at Ojai Celebrates Pixie Month

Pixie Month, Oaks at Ojai
Mar 01 2017

The Oaks at Ojai Celebrates Pixie Month

Ojai’s Own Pixie Tangerine Packs a Powerful Punch

Pixie tangerines are “sweet, petite and great to eat!” That is the motto that was selected through a contest in Ojai but the benefits of the Pixie go further than the delightful phrase.

Pixies are a natural product of two tangerines, the Dancy and the Kincy, that were developed in 1927 at UC Riverside. No engineering, no steps beyond a natural graft that led to a tangerine that is the perfect size for snacking, easily peeled and requires no tangerine seed spitting contests anywhere. Yes, seedless, naturally.

Lower in acid than most tangerines, Pixies are loaded with vitamin C and they are a natural anti-oxidant. This property increases collagen in our bodies—our skin, and it helps heal wounds and improve complexions. Tangerines are a natural aid to our bodies in absorbing iron in our diet. Pair all of the above with natural fiber that helps in the prevention of arthritis, obesity and heart disease and you have a perfect snack.

And it doesn’t stop there. If you visit The Oaks at Ojai during Pixie Month, you will find that Pixies are a natural food pairing—with sweet potatoes, Brussels Sprouts, Dark Chocolate Mousse and the Green Tangerine Dream power drink, just to name a few. They are also a great pairing with almonds, kale and salad dressings, desserts and cocktails.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of Pixie tangerines is that they may bring you to Ojai, Ca, one of the most beautiful small towns in the world nestled among the mountains and home to artistic enthusiasts of all varieties that have come from all over the world. One natural graft leads to another.

The Ojai merchants, restaurants and businesses get into the spirit with “only in Ojai” gifts, food and beverage (think Pixie Tangerine Margarita!) and deals. Ojai’s annual April Pixie Tangerine Month is worth experiencing. Won’t you join us?

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